Top 10 Building Management System Companies in the World 2019


With the growing technological advancements and the emergence of Industry 4.0, automation has been able to make a considerable impact in almost every walk of life. Effective building management is clearly no exception. The rising need for integrating smart automation systems with the modern infrastructure is encouraging various building management system companies across the globe to offer superior and premium quality solutions for the evolving audiences. Building management systems are automation and control systems often used for monitoring and managing electrical, mechanical, and electromechanical services in a facility. Furthermore, with the rising digital literacy, increased access to smart devices, and rising purchasing power of the consumers, particularly, in the emerging economies across the globe are few other factors impelling the growth of global integrated building management systems industry in the forthcoming years. Intelligent building is one of the emerging concepts in which modern infrastructure is being equipped with a variety of automated and manned control systems and monitoring devices.

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Global Integrated Building Management Systems Market Analysis

Flexibility offered by various open integrated building management systems is one of the key factors fuelling the global IBMS industry to witness a CAGR of more than 12% by 2021. The ability of open systems to function as fully interoperable control systems and define protocols enabling the co-existence of multiple systems on the same platform make them the most viable choice for the modern companies willing to create automated or intelligent buildings. Furthermore, manufacturers are also leveraging these open systems as they allow the conversion of dissimilar products into seamlessly networked systems offering low cost and enhanced features often unavailable in proprietary systems. The market seems to be quite fragmented and is going to result in intense competition in the next few years as various international players are focusing on increasing their customer base by acquiring or forming strategic partnerships with local or regional players.

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Top 10 Building Management System Companies in the World 2019


Founded in 1984, Cisco has been headquartered in the US. The company specializes in the technology market by offering a wide range of networking hardware, high-technology products and services, and telecommunications equipment. The company offers the Digital Building Solution for making the building smarter through optimized lighting, building automation, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. For instance, Cisco’s Catalyst Digital Building Series Switches offer smart and highly secure access in a compact and rugged standalone form factor.

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    Headquartered in the US, the company has been making a variety of commercial and consumer products since its inception in 1906. Honeywell, with the help of over 131,000 employees across the globe has been able to operate through key business units including Honeywell Aerospace, Home and Building Technologies (HBT), Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS), and Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies. The company offers a wide product and service portfolios for the building management systems including the building automation systems, software and controls, construction and maintenance services and solutions, commercial combustion controls, and security and fire protection services. In June 2018, Honeywell introduced the Honeywell Vector Space Sense, a software solution which shows when, where, and how building spaces are being used at any given point in time. The software analyzes data from multiple sources across a building for delivering actionable insights which help facility managers in utilizing, optimizing, and prioritizing building spaces.

    Johnson Controls

    Johnson Controls has been manufacturing electronics, and HVAC equipment for buildings as the primary business since 1885 in Ireland. With an employee strength of over 121,000 employees, the company operates in key business units including the Building Efficiency, Power Solutions, Global WorkPlace Solutions, and Automotive Experience. Johnson Controls’ Building Automation System, Metasys has been contributing significantly to the continuously growing global next-generation building energy management systems market. According to Technavio, this market is expected to witness a CAGR of over 11% by the end of 2020. The company has been launching building automation systems for commercial buildings. For instance, in November 2017, it launched the BCPro, a smart building automation system providing simple and powerful tools for fast and easy set-up, and a new graphic display with editing, illumination and customization functions, allowing building operations to quickly access and view data.

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    Schneider Electric

    Founded in 1836, Schneider Electric was headquartered in France. The company has been offering various products and services including building automation, switches and sockets, industrial safety systems, home automation, electric power distribution, Smart Grid, critical power & cooling for datacenters. Schneider Electric announced next generation of EcoStruxure Building in April 2018. It is one of the first open innovation platform for buildings with end-to-end IP architecture enabling quick connectivity of IoT devices to improve building value offering. Furthermore, the company has been engaging in strategic partnerships with other companies to ensure high quality products are offered in the market. For instance, in March 2018, Schneider Electric, Danfoss, and Somfy announced a partnership for creating a Connectivity Ecosystem aiming to accelerate adoption of connectivity in residential, mid-size building and hotel markets. Such strategic moves of the company are aiding it to gain a significant position in the top 10 building management system companies in the world.

    United Technologies

    Headquartered in the US, and founded in 1934, United Technologies has been focusing on researching, developing, and manufacturing products for varied industries including aircraft engines, HVAC, building systems and other industrial products. The company has a dedicated business segment named UTC Climate, Controls & Security segment focusing on offering fire safety, security, building automation systems, HVAC and refrigerating systems and services.  Furthermore, to show the global customers about the possibilities and potential in the building technology space, the company opened a state-of-the-art innovation and technology experience center for Intelligent buildings in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The 224,000 square-foot UTC Center for Intelligent Buildings also meets the highest standards for green design and operations.

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    Emerson Electric

    Founded in 1890 and headquartered in the US, the company is engaged in manufacturing products and engineering services for industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. Emerson Electric with the aid of over 103,000 employees has been able to retain its position in the top building management companies across the globe through its key business segments including automation solutions and commercial & residential solutions. In March 2018, the company announced launching supervisory control systems for large facilities to bring customers more control over their facility operation capabilities. Furthermore, Emerson’s full line of supervisory controls includes system supervisor, refrigeration supervisor, kitchen supervisor, and other building automation control systems.


    Siemens is a German conglomerate founded in 1847. The company is involved in offering various products and services including power generation technology, project engineering and construction services, industrial and building automation, water treatment systems, and other automation and control software. The company has been actively involved in the development of building automation systems with its offerings including Desigo, Synco, and GAMMA portfolio of products. Furthermore, Siemens has been also promoting the integration of advanced technologies for meeting the evolving needs of the customers. For instance, the Desigo Control Point is an emerging concept for simplifying the operation and monitoring of HVAC, lighting, and shading in small or medium-sized buildings.

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    Bajaj Electricals

    Founded in 1938, Bajaj Electricals is an Indian electrical equipment manufacturing company diversified with product offerings including lighting, luminaires, LPG based generators, fans, appliances, and others. The company’s core business is classified into consumer products, EPC, illumination, and exports. Bajaj Electricals has also been promoting the adoption of smart building offering real-time control from lighting, waste management and HVAC to access, video analytics, and other critical systems. In July 2017, Bajaj Electricals announced embarking on a new journey in digitization by offering Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) to help the customers upgrade to the next level of lighting. With its inception in the building management system market in 2008, Bajaj Electricals has been continuously innovating with its products assortment for retaining its significant position in the top building management companies of the world.

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    Founded in 1886, Bosch is a German engineering and electronics company diversified in key operating segments including mobility solutions, consumer goods, industrial technology, energy and building technology. Robert Bosch offers the Building Integration System (BIS) software solution aiding in the management of different Bosch security subsystems including access control, fire alarm, video surveillance, and public address of intrusion systems on a single platform. Considering the rising importance of the building automation solutions, the Bosch Security Systems has been renamed to Bosch Building Technologies effective Market 2018. Furthermore, the company has been focusing on promoting the adoption of intelligently connected Bosch building security systems by showcasing its new combined public address and voice evacuation system known as PAVIRO, which facilitates the swift evacuation of a building, thereby reducing the risk of mass panic breaking out.

    Building Logix

    Building Logix has been offering a wide range of building management solutions including access control & video control, building energy management, smart building, system integration and other services. The company has also involved in offering effective building analytics software to help the companies leverage their present infrastructure and produce a better performing environment. Building Logix is further focusing on offering customized building analytics platforms for achieving cost savings and increased efficient-buildings.

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    Latest Integrated Building Management Systems Industry Trends

    The growing adoption of additive printing or 3D printing is gaining traction in the building management systems market. Facility managers across the globe are using 3D printing technology for creating physical prototypes, consumer goods, and maintenance components. For instance, 3D printers are often being used for creating replacement parts for office equipment and other components. Similarly, the integration of IoT and Artificial Intelligence with the building management will allow the end-users to created Internet-connected buildings for optimizing the balance between building comfort and energy consumption. Monitoring the automation systems for commercial buildings will aid facility managers in predicting potential issues. Such trends will further propel the growth of the global smart city market during the next few years.

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