Crash Test Dummies is a Rising Business in the Automotive Safety Industry


The business of manufacturing and selling crash test dummies for vehicle safety ratings is growing to another level. The latest industry advancement allows the steel-and-vinyl humanoids with electronic sensors to simulate and monitor realistically how a car crash could injure a human body in different age, gender and size, according to a recent article published on Bloomberg Businessweek. The article also explored the stumbled history of using dummies in the vehicle safety ratings and revealed the fact that the development of crash-test dummies has substantially contributed to the reduction of car crash fatality rate.

Today, using crash test dummies has become an essential part of any vehicle safety testing, while the crash-test dummies industry is also getting bigger than ever. As the world’s largest manufacturer of crash-test dummies, Detroit-based Humanetics Innovative Solutions Inc. has seen its global market share exceeding 70%, and its dummies can cost as much as $1 million apiece. Apart from its innovation and R&D driven business model, Humanetics’ success is also mainly attributed to the significant growth of the global automotive crash test dummies market. The article cited Technavio’s Global Automotive Crash Test Dummies Market 2017-2021 and demonstrated that the demand for various of crash test dummies is rising along with the development of automotive industry.

According to Technavio’s latest market research, the global crash test dummies market generated over$111 million in revenue globally in 2016, and this number is projected to reach $119 million by 2021. The market report also identifies 4activeSystems, Cellbond, Dynamic Research, Humanetics Innovative Solutions, JASTI, and TASS International as some of the world’s leading crash test dummies manufacturers


Attribution: Bloomberg Businessweek originally published this article and explored how Detroit-based Humanetics Innovative Solutions Inc. successfully increased its market share to become one of the industry leaders in the worldwide. Bloomberg Businessweek also highlighted the growth of the global crash test dummies market and driving factors by presenting the market data sourced from Technavio’s market research report on this topic.


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